What Verification Services TPV Offers

The TPV stands for Third-Party Verification, and it refers to the companies providing  fake phone number for verification . The business that is done through the online internet connection is indeed convenience and the process could be done much faster then when you are purchasing something or requesting service directly. However, indirect business like this is also risky because the customers and the providers could  not meet face to face. One of the ways to lessen the risk for any faud from both sides is by doing a phone number verification. This is also the reason for the USA government to include phone number verification into the requirement for any type of long distance business.

The Third Party Service

The huge request for a specialized party to handle the phone number verification creates the 3rd party verification service providers. The TPV is a perfect business partner for the companies doing online business. Now you do not have to hair your personal phone number verification agents because you can just make a contract with a TPV and the verification process will be in the hand of the company. The TPV usually consists of several workers and one boss takes the role of the managers. They are meant to take the responsibility of taking care of the verification process of multiple companies. The effective methods they have give fast response and nice feedback from the customers. Many online business companies use the verification services.

Guaranteed Guard on Company Information

Basically, the verification services deal with customer and the company data. However, the TPV usually already signs a contract of protecting the data coming in and out of the party and will not send them out without the consent of the related sides. For example, because the TPV is in charfe of handling the verification process, then the company automatically has to provice them with the customers data base for them to check on. The customers’ data will not leak into anyone without the consent of the related customer or the company. During your search for a TPV, make sure you choose the one providing legal agreement in that case.

The verification services provided by a TPV usually include automated TPV and live agent TPV. Depending on which service you choose, you can choose the service to be done automatically or you can use the live agent service. The TPV has the potential to be broken by someone, and the data might be modifed. The Live agent will provide more assurance. However, in some cases, the automated TPV will be enough to collect the customer’s data. Usually, it is used by small companies that are just newly made. This is also a perfect service for business that has less risk in it.


Since it already becomes a requirement, then you have to make sure that your business follows the right procedure. Moreover, it is for the sake of both the customers and the companies well. Doing the verification process will protect the business and lessen the risk of any fraud. You can search for TPV with good verification services to make sure the safety of the data.


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