Telephone Verification Service for Safety

 fake phone number for verification  is a service of online basis that is used for an establishment whether a given telephone number is already present in the service. A touring test form may be included for further determination when a human answers the equipment of answering including fax, answering machine, vice mail and modem.

The Purpose

The purpose of this telephone verification service is usually used for drawing sock puppetry limits, spamming, underage Signups and illegal activities such as scams, harassment and fraud. The clients and operators include social networking sites, dating sites, wikis, lead generation companies and internet forums.

Any operation of verification that sells contact numbers’ sets that are generated through its operations of marketing will gain a premium for a list that is efficient that contains “clean” numbers. Telephone campaigns of a call center outbound save resources and save time by passing mechanized or undefined numbers of equipment.

Telephone numbers are entered into a form of sign-up that can be real-timed checked. This is done by the AJAX (processing of background web page) type of implementation call to a service of telephone number verification at the same time the form is being filled still.

For fraud thwart, matching an online customer to the owner of the telephone number is a possible thing. It is a way of certifying that the owner is the same person. This type of service given by telephone verification service is an increasing value to some parties involved, banks, online stores managers and credit can processors. Those are the parties who face the increasing quantity attempts of the making of fraudulent purchases, for example by the stolen details of credit cards.

Methods Employed

The methods of telephone verification service include line test, touring test and line test & authentication. The line subscribers have an aborted call. This service “listens” automatically for Ringback tones check. Also included answered call, network operator injected messages (for example “the number called is not in service” service) and automated answering of voice mail. The benefit that this method brings is from being international and as the mobile phone coverage. However, to complete check of this method can take time up to 30 seconds, while the average time needed is usually 9 seconds. This delay can be handled just well by using the AJAX processes of background. This is for example by making it possible to the user to continue filling in other fields in a form. It is done while the performance of line test is in the process.

The next method, touring test is a phone number verification method that is possible to be employed further. It is employed for a genuine people verification that is done by asking the owner answer the telephone at the number by a key press tone request, such as “press one to ‘unsubscribe’.” This method is often used for clean lists. The number then is categorized as a live one than unsubscribing.

The third method is a way of verifying the existence of a telephone number and authorized the use. The subscribers supply a number where they establish service that is done via web page often. A code that is unique is first displayed or indicated via the web site to the customer for this method of telephone verification service.


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