Phone Number Verification, a Must-Have Feature for Online Business

The  fake phone number for verification  is required procedure to pass through in online business in The USA. These days, because the internet has proofen its usefulness by making online shopping possible, the USA government applies the requirments of phone number verification step before a long-distance ordering could be done. What is the meaning of this phone number verificiation and why it seems so important? Here, you will get the answer as clear as daylight.

The Basic

What is meant by phone number verification is the process of checking the validation of the phone number submitted. When doing online business, we have to fill in a phone number column with a valid phone number. When we make an order, the company will later call up to the submitted phone number as a form of verification. The company will then ask for the basic informatin of the caller and check it to the submitted data on the online system. The next step is the verification process goes to the order verification. After proofen that the phone number belongs to the right eligitimate person, then the order the customer made will be verified before the shipping process is conducted.

Those are the basic processes of phone number verification. Why is it so troublesome? Why do the identity of the owner of the number is needed? Those are for countermeasure against cyber crime or false order that can be done during a long distance business transaction.

The Importance of Verification

Doing a long distance business is full of risk. Verification is one of the many methods to lessen the risk. With confirming the identity of the customer, there will be less risk in fake ordering or something along those lines. Because of it is a long distance ordering, then it is possible that the customers fake out his/ her identity when ordering the item or service in the company. There is also possibility that the orderer is not an authorized person in the house. Through phone number verification, that kind of trouble could be avoided and all the orders coming in could be guaranteed for coming from a valid address. This is also useful for an order check. If there are some mistakes or errors during the order input into the company data base, it will be found early before the shipping has been done.

These days, most company usually use the third party service for  fake phone number for verification  This makes the company could focus on managing the order and the payment while the verification process is in the hand of the third-party providing the verification process. The third-party specialized in dealing with verification process could take the same task from the other company too. So this is an efficient way to work both for the company and the verification process provider. These days, as shopping has become more common practice, the third-party phone verification is really helping. Many companies are built specialized in dealing with the verification services. If you are planning on making an online business as well, you can consider using the service of those companies.


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