3rd Party Verification: Information You Should Know

All the service providers will need to undertake  fake phone number for verification as a requirement. This is different with the telephone verification service. This verification is for the performance against the NSW DSS, NSW Disability Service Standard. This verification is done once during the each funding agreement life. The verification process will include the other system and standard quality recognition that the service provider may have.

Information in Details

National Disability Services also established already an approved third party verifier’s list. They on the list are those who can conduct the verification. What NDS do is subsidy administering for the ADHC assistance in funding the Non-Government services on developing a system of quality management, the preparation for and meet third party verification.

The process of 3rd party verification will consider the self review of the service provider to go against the feedback come from people with disability, the families and/or carers, and also will include the onsite review. The onsite review is the sites example in which the service operates.

There is also encouragement for service provider to undertake the current operation and system’s gap assessment or self-assessment against the NSW DSS and also to work with the third party verifier that has been chose in order to undertake a tailored-service assessment that is delivered by the organization. A gap assessment and self-assessment can assist with the areas identification in which the services with the NSW DSS can meet. It is where the elements and gaps of the Standards may not be a relevant matter for the particular type of service of an organization does.

Moreover, the third party verifiers can use any of the assessment result that the provider has conducted by using the KPIs, the Key Performance Indicators. The third party verifiers will issue the service providers with outcome verification advice and also an improvement report that is required. This is as the follow up of the verification.

The acts of the service providers are expected to be based on the independent feedback that is received from a third party as a source of information that is valuable. This is because it will be very helpful for the continuous improvement of the services quality. The providers are also in requirement to provide the 3rd party verification results to ADHC for ADHC’s risk management approach risk in monitoring and also ADHC’s service delivery review.

Non-Direct Client Supports’ Service Providers and Community Care Support Program Providers

The service providers that deliver only the non-direct client supports have to undertake a modified 3rd party verification process. It is where the organizational performance is assessed against the NSW DSS that is related the most to the delivered services. Not all of the Standards’ elements are going through development for a full support range coverage that is funded by ADHC. Thus, some Standards’ elements may not utilize to a particular service provider. This depends on the delivered supports types. For CCSP-funding providers, it is important to note down that the 3rd party verification is optional. The new requirements of quality, instead, should be applied on the due date.


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